This is what you should do:         REMAIN CALM and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!!!


Follow the instructions of University Police, and/or all other Emergency Response Personnel.

1.        Close the door as you leave, if you are the last one out of an area.

2.        Use the CLOSEST ACCESSIBLE stairwell for evacuation.

     Be alert for and careful of other people when using the stairwells.

     Report to University Police the location of any disabled person that was unable to exit down the stairs.

     When you reach the ground floor, exit the building and stand at least 200 feet from the building. 

     Meet in a place designated by your Supervisor or Instructor.

     All stairwells and lighted exit signs at NSU are equipped with emergency lighting systems and will remain lit for several hours in the event of a power failure.  A delay of several seconds may occur before the emergency lights come on.

     Once you have exited the building---DO NOT RE-ENTER THE BUILDING.  This is the most dangerous aspect of the evacuation—people going back into the building.

3.        Keep moving down the stairs at an even pace.

4.        Use the handrails, to prevent falling down the stairs.

5.        Once outside, wait at least 200 feet from the building. 

6.        Keep all entrances/exits clear to facilitate access by emergency personnel.


This is what will happen:

1.      You will exit the building.

2.      You will stand at least 200 feet from the building. 

3.      Be accounted for by your supervisor, or Instructor before leaving the site.

4.      University Police, and other Emergency Personnel will respond to the emergency.

5.      The emergency agencies will handle the situation.

6.      When the “All Clear” is given, you will be allowed back into the building.




      Use elevators. – If the emergency is such that an elevator may be used, the disabled will have only priority.

      Return to the building for coats, purses, book bags, etc.

      Run or create panic.

      Return to the building until given an “All Clear” by the primary agency conducting the evacuation.