This is what you are expected to do:

1.      Contact University Police 5431 (318-357-5431)


This is what will happen:

       1.     University Police will respond to the specific location of the incident.

       2.     University Police will contact the Emergency Manager.

       3.    University Police and the Emergency Manager will handle the disorder under direction of the President and following University Policy and Procedures.


Although disorders come in many forms, the following procedures will be a standard for handling these situations:

  1. Emergency Authority—Supervisors may be given additional authority during civil disorder.
  2. Emergency Responsibility—during emergencies, responsibility related to vulnerable areas at the University will be assigned directly by the Emergency Manager / Emergency Management    Committee in cooperation with the President.  Responsibility for specific areas will be assigned to employees with knowledge of those areas.
  3. Community Relations—will be handled by the Vice President of External Affairs or his designee.
  4. Security—strict security will remain in effect until the emergency is over.  Gates and doors will remain closed and University Police will strictly control entry into the campus or building.