If you are trapped in an elevator:

  1. Press the “Emergency” button or the “Bell” button.
  2. Use the elevator phone.  It will connect to University Police.  If for any reason the phone does not work, continue ringing the bell until someone outside the elevator has heard you.
  3. Remain calm.


If you observe a malfunction from outside an elevator:

  1. If you think someone may be trapped inside, Notify University Police at 5431 (318-357-5431).
  2. If there is a person trapped inside the elevator, assure them that assistance is on the way.
  3. If no one is trapped in the elevator, call the Physical Plant at 4519 (318-357-4519) to report the Elevator problem.  Also call University Police to report the Elevator Malfunction.
  4. Secure the elevator.  Place signs on the Elevator door indicating that the elevator is “Out of Order”.  This will prevent persons from entering the elevator.


Normal Hours contact:       Physical Plant                 4519      or         318-357-4519

After hours contact:                   University Police             5431      or         318-357-5431

                       Power Plant                    5886      or         318-357-5886


This is what will happen:

  1. University Police will call for assistance.
  2. Maintenance personnel will respond as soon as possible.


Contracted Elevator Company:          A-1 Elevator Company

Approximate response time:  30 minutes