(from storms or water line leaks)


This is what you should do:

1.   Notify University Police             5431 (318-357-5431)

2.   Notify the Physical Plant

                 8:00 am to 4:30 pm            4519 (318-357-4519)

                 Before & After hours            5886 (318-357-5886). 

3.   Be sure to give the Physical Plant the following information: 

a.   your name

b.   location of the flooding (building, floor, room number or street name)

c.    source of the flooding (if known)

4.   Stand by for Physical Plant Employees to assist them in locating the source of the flooding.

5.   Evacuate the area if your personal safety is at risk.

6.   If evacuated, University Police will advise when reoccupation of affected area is approved.


This is what will happen:

1.   Physical Plant Employees will respond.

2.   Necessary clean up and maintenance activities will be undertaken by the Physical Plant and Custodial Services.


Enter or walk into any area with standing water.

Touch electrical appliances or breaker boxes while standing in water.