Natural gas in its raw state has no smell or color. A “rotten egg” odor is added to make you aware if gas is leaking.

Natural gas leaks can be very dangerous and reported immediately.

If you suspect a natural gas leak in your office area or outside, follow these safety steps:

           Leave the area IMMEDIATELY

           Call University Police at 5431 (318-357-5431)

           DO NOT turn any lights on or off; this could cause a spark, igniting the gas.

           DO NOT smoke or use a cell phone or a flashlight

           DO NOT operate any vehicle or mechanical vehicle that could cause sparks.

           DO NOT attempt to turn natural gas valves on or off.

University Police will contact:

o       Physical Plant                                         4519                    318-357-4519

o       Power Plant (after hours)                            5886                    318-357-5886

o       Natchitoches Fire Department                                                318-357-3860


         ATMOS Energy                                                800-692-4694