This is what you should do:


  • Keep a flashlight available for possible power outages.
  • Remain calm---stay where you are.
  • Await instructions from Physical Plant Employees and/or University Police.
  • If instructed to evacuate, use designated emergency exits.



Flashlights and batteries are available in the Warehouse.  They must be checked out and charged to a specific account. 


Emergency exit signs and lights will remain lit for hours in the event of a power failure.  It may take several seconds for the lights to come on.




This is what will happen:


  • Information will be communicated as to the cause of the power failure and whether a decision to evacuate has been made.
  • If the building is to be evacuated, Building Evacuation procedures will be followed.


  • Leave without instructions.
  • Panic.
  • Attempt to Use Elevators.



Types of Utility Failures:


A major power failure may not in itself be destructive, but a possible resulting panic or fire could endanger life and property.  Panic can be partially avoided by an immediate decision on the need to evacuate the building.


In laboratory buildings, fume hoods do not operate during a power outage and the laboratories should not be used until the ventilation is properly restored.


 Electrical/Boiler Failures


Campus infrastructure systems can fail and in some cases create interruptions in campus activities. Failure in these systems (power, steam, air chiller, water, sewage, gas and drainage) may cause danger to individuals therefore you should stay clear.


Immediately contact the Physical Plant at 357-4519 (7:30-4:00pm) weekdays and 357-5586 at the Power Plant after hours. If no answer call Campus Police.


 Steam Line Failures


Steam line failures can occur during the year and especially during the cold months when they are the most active. This can be a dangerous situation. When a failure is noticed contact the physical plant at 357-4519 or power plant at 357-5886.


               In the event of a steam line failure, call:

                                 During Work Hours:    Notify the Physical Plant at 318-357-4519.


                                 After-hours:                Notify the Power Plant at 318-357-5886


   Notify University Police at 318-357-5431



                    Evacuate the immediate area as soon as possible.



Loss of Water Service-Unsafe Water Supply-Sewer or Drainage Problems


Loss of water, sewage or drainage problems may occur at times, when this happens call;


                                  During Work Hours:       Notify the Physical Plant at 318-357-4519.


                                  After-hours:                  Notify the Power Plant at 318-357-5886


       Notify University Police at 318-357-5431