If the fire is small or contained:

  • Use the closest fire extinguisher to throughly extinguish the fire.
  • Remove the pin; point the hose at the base of the fire, and making a sweeping motion (back and forth) squeeze the handle to spray the contents on the fire.
  • Please note the locations of fire extinguishers located on your floor plan. 
  • Floor plans are available in the Physical Plant Office.
  • If you see or smell smoke, observe any other electrical smells, or have any suspicion there may be a problem call University Police at 5431.  You may also contact the Physical Plant at 4519 or Power Plant at 5886.


Any other fire situation:

1.      ACTIVATE THE FIRE ALARM.   Pull down alarms are located next to all exits.

2.      Call University Police at 5431 once you are out of the building and danger. 

3.      Provide the following to University Police, once you are outside and a safe distance away:

            a.      Your name

            b.      Building and floor/location of fire.

            c.      Details of fire emergency

4.      Evacuate by using stairway or main exits ONLY.

5.      Last one to exit a fire area: CLOSE THE DOOR TO THE ROOM.

6.      Do not attempt to open any closed door if the handle feels hot to the touch.

7.      If caught in heavy smoke, take short breaths.  Breathe through your nose, stay low, and crawl if necessary.

8.      Report any disabled person who was unable to exit to University Police.  Direct and assist wheelchair users to wait at the top of the stairs of the closest exit in the space that does not block the stairs.  Assure them they will be assisted right away.

9.      Follow instructions of emergency response personnel.

10.   Exit signs and stairwell lights will remain lit for hours even in the event of a power failure.  It may take several seconds for the emergency lights to come on.

11.   Exit the building to the ground floor, and meet with your office personnel or class in a previously designated area.  The designated area must be at least 200 feet from the building.

12.   Do not go back into the building for any reason. 

13.   Once you have exited, DO NOT RE-ENTER until you are given the “All Clear” by University Police and/or the emergency agency on the scene.

 This is what will happen:

1.      University Police will notify the Fire Department.

2.      Emergency Notifications will be made via the Purple Alert System.

3.      University Police will notify the University Emergency Manager.

4.      University Police will respond to assist the Fire Department with evacuation.

5.      Disabled persons who were unable to exit will be evacuated by University Police, Other Police, Emergency Medical Services, and/or Fire Department Personnel.

6.      Press Release will be made through the Office of External Affairs


  • Attempt to fight the fire, unless you have been trained to do so.
  • Use the elevators.
  • Panic.
  • Run, when exiting the building.



           Evacuate the building and go to the designated safe area.

           Remain at the safe area until all persons are accounted for by their supervisor or University Police.

           Follow instructions of University Police or the Emergency Responders on the scene.

           Do not leave the University until accounted for and instructed to do so by your supervisor or University Police.